Privacy statement

The email address supplied for member account registration will be used for login and receiving member communications. You may cancel your account any time as desired.

If you create an account, we may store your name, address, email and phone number, which may be used to populate the checkout for current and subsequent orders.

While you visit our site, we’ll track:
Products you’ve viewed: we’ll use this to, for example, show you products you’ve recently viewed.
Location, IP address and browser type: we’ll use this for purposes like estimating language, currency type, taxes and shipping.
Shipping address: we’ll ask you to enter this so we can, for instance, estimate shipping costs before you place an order, and send you the order.
We’ll also use cookies to keep track of cart contents while you’re browsing our site. Please check and configure your browser for the appropriate settings as necessary.

When you purchase from us, we’ll ask you to provide information including your name, billing address, shipping address, email address, phone number, credit card/payment details and optional account information like username and password. We’ll use this information for purposes, such as, to:
Send you information about your account and order.
Follow up your orders, including shipment tracking.
Process payments and prevent fraud.
Set up your account for your easy browsing and shopping.
Comply with any legal obligations we have, such as calculating taxes and anti-money laundering.
Improve our store offerings.

We generally store the necessary information for as long as we need it for the purposes for which it is collected and retain it until we are not legally required to continue to keep it, for example, for tax and accounting purposes.
This includes your name, email address and billing and shipping addresses. We shall not release personally-identifiable data to any third parties without your consent except as required by relevant authorities by laws.
We will also store comments or reviews, if you choose to leave them.

Since we do not collect necessary personal information to confirm the identity of individual member, we are unable to answer enquiries regarding individual accounts. All account enquiries must be made via logging in to the system or follow the “Forget Password” link in case of need.

Please direct enquiries to: [email protected]