Calendula Manuka Liquid Soap


Made with calendula infusion oil, olive oil, coconut oil and New Zealand manuka honey.
The ingredients are all natural, especially suitable for people with sensitive skin, people with eczema and children.
Calendula organic infused oil can anti-inflammation, anti-fungal, effectively enhance the skin’s protective ability, and keep the skin in a healthy state. Manuka honey provides deep moisturizing, smoothing and soothing effects for the skin, plus olive oil with moisturizing and maintenance effects, especially suitable for sensitive skin and babies, it will not feel tight and irritating while cleansing the skin, calming and soothing Sensitive, fragile skin.

How to use: Take an appropriate amount of body wash when taking a bath, massage on sensitive parts or eczema for 30 seconds, then rinse with water.

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Additional information


300 ml, Bottle


Light scent